POLL-Global stocks rally set to moderate next year, correction likely

If you need the vehicle for a longer period than that, consider leasing as a better altern However, not many car hire companies offer long-term rentals. And even if they do, they stipulate a maximum number of days you can rent a car for.

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Indeed, when asked if a correction in their local equity market was likely, about three-quarters of respondents — 79 of 106 — in a global poll covering major indexes from over a dozen countries said Yes.

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A true-to-life account that blends in archival footage, Narcos manages to present a sympathetic side to Escobar without undermining the gravity of its material. After you finish the three series, head to Narcos: Mexico, a companion series that focuses on the illegal drug trade in Mexico. Plus, the DEA’s hunt to bring Escobar down ratchets up the suspense. Netflix

Drug kingpin Pablo Escobar is the subject of this, yes, addictive series that races through his rise to becoming the infamous cocaine distributor and billionaire.

The answer is yes, The Chair is a very good time thanks to Oh’s warm charms. With hilarious observations about academia, scene-stealing appearances by Holland Taylor as a senior faculty member and ambitious social commentary, The Chair reaches worthy heights. Set at the fictional Pembroke University, The Chair follows Oh’s Professor Ji-Yoon Kim, the newly appointed chair of the English department. She’s the first woman chosen for the position, and faces an uphill battle to move the stale English department along with the changing times. Netflix

A comedy-drama starring Sandra Oh?

Guy D’Alema/Netflix

Initially Cobra Kai, a series based on the Karate Kid films, might sound like a cynical money-making spinoff of the martial arts franchise. Taking this subversive viewpoint, Cobra Kai is three seasons of self-aware, light-hearted and full of heart fun. But it’s become one of Netflix’s most popular shows, thanks to well-written characters and a good measure of nostalgia. The series follows Johnny Lawrence, 34 years after he was jump-kicked in the face by Daniel LaRusso.

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Produced by Jenji Kohan? Season 3 progresses deeper into the lives of its diverse ensemble, shifting the series to Las Vegas. Netflix

A show inspired by the true story of the first pro female wrestling syndicate in the ’80s? GLOW’s purely fun comedy, packed with eccentric female characters, teams campiness with underdog triumph and soars. A fourth and final season was in the works, but sadly production fell victim to the pandemic and Netflix cancelled the show.


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Jennifer’s renewed connection with Ben appears to have begun even before she broke off her engagement with fiancé Alex Rodriguez in April, as the couple started sending emails back-and-forth even earlier.

Which means it’s dark and unpredictable, with a surprising touch of the warm sentimental stuff. Emma Stone and Jonah Hill star as two strangers, Annie and Owen, who sign up for a mysterious pharmaceutical trial (because that’s a good idea) that induces wild, often distressing dreams. Michele K Short/Netflix

This dark comedy miniseries boasts stunning pedigree on and twink mpeg off screen. Entrenched in dazzlingly crafted visuals, Maniac is a multilayered dive into the subconscious.

«We expect earnings to be the key driver of global equity returns in 2022. In line with our earnings expectations, we expect high single-digit equity returns in 2022 compared to double-digit returns in 2021,» said Philipp Lisibach, chief global strategist at Credit Suisse.

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