Interior Furnishing in Palakkad

But for the unit architects of Antonius and Associates these challenges just make the job more interesting as they find ways to work with or around them. Their many years of experience and specialist skills mean that all jobs get done – to your specification

The interiors were curated by Michaelis Boyd, a collective of architects interior and designers based in London, who took care to make sure the apartments ‘resonate with this original, irrepressible character, striking the right balance between energy, calm and the building’s former life.’

Don’t be told «it can’t be done». Meet Antonius and Associates and find out more about these all in one service providers. Their skills, experience and focus will not only impress you but will enable you to get your job done with ease and professionalism.

Contact Antonius and Associates unit architects today on Ph: (02) 9262 9922or visit their website.When you chooseAntonius and Associates you choose the architects who are there for Yo

Its exterior features original brick and steelwork dating back to the 1930s, with details inside including high ceilings, central air conditioning, a concierge service and a walk-in closet in one of the bedrooms.

As blocks of land get smaller and demands get larger it is important to have residential and unit architects who can use their extensive knowledge, services and experiences to creatively and innovatively offer solution

ProtoHouse, on the other hand, will be completely printed using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) out of fibrous nylon with computer algorithms designed to micro-organise the material. Based on bones, the resulting printed material is lightweight, strong and flexible, and able to be shaped into both house parts and furnishings, such as chairs.

Between this two option, paint is the easier and less fussy option for the wall. A day or two will suffice for a paint job for a standard size room. Painted walls are also very accommodating, newer coats of paint of the same hue. In most cases, if the surface is not too worn out, a new coat of paint can be applied on to the older one. Wallpaper application is an expertise job. The process is elaborate & demands a lot of time & patience. The same holds true for stripping the wallpaper too. A new layer of wallpaper cannot be applied on top of the present on

Interior designer Kelly Hoppen is a huge fan, having used Crittall on design projects across the globe, buying up frames powder-coated in her trademark taupe — although black remains the classic choice.

Decorative wall panels are comparatively very easy to maintain and clean, compared to other wall options like wallpapers and texture paint. Dusting regularly with a cloth or vacuum cleaning is more than enough to keep the panels clean. The difference would be on the material of your wall panel as well as the kind of stain or splatter; they can be cleaned by lightly wiping with soap and warm wate

If the panels are used smartly, they can give the resemblance of artwork in a space, & statement for the art. Moreover these wall panels are available in different patterns, sizes, texture that can enhance the beauty of the space the way we want i

And, according to Retsin, it doesn’t take long to build at all; the 8×4-metre, one-storey house takes maybe three weeks for the printing process, with assembly occurring in the space of a day. There’s no adhesive, bolts or screws; the pieces simply click together, with its weight cantilevered off the side of a hill.

Both the paint and wallpaper can be used in effective ways to improve the aesthetic appeal of your rooms. Both textured paints and patterned wallpaper can be used for creating stunning backdrops for your furniture. You can unleash your creativity with bringing any of the option to your roo

The residential and unit architects understand that they’re creating people homes and that for some people the process involved in building can be overwhelming. That is why they offer an all-round service that incorporates so much more than other architects. Their services include concept design, interior design, space planning, negotiations with statutory authorities, council development approval, construction certificate, contract documentation, tendering processes and contract administratio

Decorative wall panels, on the other side, the best option as they can be directly installed onto the walls without any much of surface preparation. MDF board panels are usually lightweight & very easy to us

Everyone would love to use those things which as reusable. The decorative wall panels can be easily removed without damaging the wall as well as the panel. The same panel can be used when required for any other location where the same size fits i

Masterpieces of Japanese traditional architecture, glamorous Sumiya interiorLooking for an option to decorate your walls and are stuck up between to go with wallpapers or paint then , to decide on a wall treatment is not an easy job, there are end number of options available today and all might be confused with the two popular options — Paint or Wallpape